It takes just 10 seconds for a visual to bring you to the edge of your seat. But there's no way we could stop your experience of visual effect wondrous. So, we continue to entertain you further with some creative and rapturous Commercials, Trailers, Documentaries, TV series and the Movies.


Dhanush Studio is the fastest growing post production studio offering a wide range of sophisticated digital services like Digital Colour Grading (DI), VFX, Digital Set Extension, Digital Matte Painting, High-end Animation, Clean-up (Paint), Motion Tracking, Final Compositing and Digital Cinema Mastering (DCP). We are powered with latest software applications, supported by advanced hardware systems. The studio is equipped to store enourmous digital data, alongside having an exclusive high-speed FTP for data transfer.

Creating impressions in B2B arena is more challenging than playing mind games with the commoner to push an FMCG product into his daily life. We proudly claim that we have effectively served some of the very best in business, supported the ordinary to become extra-ordinary and helped the beginner with the perfect launch pad. The best in the media industry comprising reputed post-production studios and freelancers work alongside our in-house creative team to bring out top quality corporate videos. Our motion graphics projects are handled by freelance experts who work for international studios. Our work ethics are based on purest principles, perfect services, precision & pricing and intangible quality that gives more value for your money. Our expertise in advertisement commercials and association with Liquid Lights Production adds value in all our creations.

We are technically and creatively equipped and ready to transform your concepts into a corporate film which may go a long way in enhancing your company's turnover within a short span of time.


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